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5000 Turkish government fully funded scholarships in 2023-24. Each year Turkey Government offers 5000 Scholarships for international students and the Turkey Universities offer almost all disciplines and all levels of study: bachelor, master, doctorate, studies or Research. The Turkey Scholarship is offered only to international students who will study in Turkish universities and their cost of education with living expenses will also be covered by the Turkey Government. Turkey offers several scholarships and it is an opportunity for outstanding international students from all over the world to study at the finest universities in Turkey. Turkey is concentrating on its education system, and through these scholarships;

  • Turkey wants to improve mutual relations
  • Turkey intends to improve understanding with all other countries

Once a student is granted a scholarship in Turkey, then the student can get a lot of new experience and information that will be gained during this educational trip in the most prestigious country; Turkey. Turkey has also been keen to give a reward to outstanding students during the scholarship, and they have included a separate scholarship policy for exceptional students who get a better chance of double the standard scholarship in the best universities in Turkey.

Turkish Scholarship programs In brief details:

Application start: January 10, 2022

Location: Turkey

Number of institutions: 112

Number of Scholarships: 5000

Level of study: Bachelor, Master and PhD, research

Fields of Study: Various fields

Type of scholarship: fully funded

Application close: February 20, 2022

Interview: March- June 2022                            

Result announcement: July 2022

Agreement and visa: July- August 2022

Travel of New Students to Turkey: Sep 10-20, 2022

Benefits of Turkey Scholarship:

The Turkey Scholarship benefits include fully funded education and cover all costs of your study at Turkish University, which will be paid by the Turkish Government to you in installments which come bellow:

  • Free Turkish language Training in first year.
  • Full Tuition fee
  • University and Program placement.
  • Health insurance
  • One round travel cost to and from Turkey
  • Monthly stipend of 1000 Turkish Lira for undergraduate students, 1400 TL for Master’s degree students and 1800 TL for PhD students, and 4000 TL for research scholarships
  • Accommodation in dormitory ( Master, PhD and research students will get a monthly allowance of 750 TL to live outside the dormitory . Undergraduate students willing to live out of dormitory should pay their accommodation expenses)

Eligibility Criteria for Turkey Government Scholarship 2023-2024

  • The countries listed below are given preference for the Turkey Government Scholarship program in Turkey:
    • United States of America
    • Sudan
    • Somalia
    • Iceland
    • Germany
    • Myanmar
    • Pakistan
    • The United Arab Emirates

But this does not mean that any student in any country is entitled to receive this grant. Some countries are open only to graduate studies.

  • Be National of these countries like; Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belgium, Burundi, Albania, Azerbaijan, Austria, Czech, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Iceland, Japan,  Luxembourg, Malta, Macau, Moldova, Myanmar, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Sweden, San Marino,  Micronesia, Monaco, Portugal, Puerto Rico, UAE, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Ukraine, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, and other countries that are eligible for Turkey Scholarship.
  • Be Healthy
  • Age limit:
    • Undergraduate: under 21 years old ( born no earlier than 01.01.2001)
    • Master: under 30 years old (born no earlier than 01.01.1992)
    • PhD: Under 35 years old (born no earlier than 01.01.1987)
    • Research: up to 45 years old (born no earlier than 01.01.1977)
  • Academic result restriction: 
    • Undergraduate applicants must have achieved 70% out of the 100 scores in High school
    • Masters and PhD applicants must have achieved 75% of 100 score
    • Medical sciences, dentistry, and pharmacy applicants for undergraduate studies must achieve at least 90% of the 100 with great success at mathematics, chemistry and biology.

Turkey’s scholarship program is open to all citizens of the world who meet these conditions but those who completed their high school in Turkey and do not hold Turkish citizenship can apply to this scholarship.

Requirements of 5000 Turkish Scholarships:

The selection criterion for Turkey Scholarships is as follows:

  • Required documents:

    • Photo (taken in than last six months )
    • Governmental issued document: Passport
    • High school graduation certificate and transcript ( Shahadatnama) for all
    • Bachelor’s degree and transcripts for graduate and Doctoral applicants ( high school degree documents are required as well.)
    • Master degree and theses statement for PhD applicants (high school and bachelors are also required)
    • 2 or three reference letter from your academic or work experience background
    • Research Proposal for master degree and PhD
    • Any other certificate, achievements, CV(if available)
    • Intent letter
    • University entrance test ( Kankor) score and its certification or document (if you attended the Kankor exam)
  •  Letter of intent for turkey scholarship:

    • First Section, it is expected to explain the following details: your academic and social experiences relating to the field you want to take an education, your reasons for choosing Turkey for study, and the importance of your future plans for your education and scholarship in Turkey. You can write the letter of intent in the language you can express yourself. (3000 Characters)
    • Second Section: If you have a subject in your application documents that you think is not clear enough and you want to explain, or if you want to draw the attention of the evaluation committee, please briefly explain in this section. You can write the description in the language you can express yourself.
  • Study Proposal content: 

    • Subject of study
    • Working Title (Up to 15 words)(Please write in short and concise terms the title of your work as a thesis or an article title.)
    • Analysis of the Problem (at least 75, maximum 300 words)(In this section, briefly describe the topic and your theory (concept map) to be used in the study.)
    • Research Method (minimum 50 maximum 300 words)”(Give information about the academic research methods you intend to use in this study. For example, in-depth interviews, observations, surveys, experiments, etc.) For example, in-depth interviews, observations, surveys, experiments, etc.)
    • General Structure of the Study (at least 75, maximum 300 words) Write the main headings of the study.)
    • Academic Contribution of the Study (minimum 75, maximum 300 words) (Explain how this study will contribute to your academic field.)
    • Literature Review (at least 75, maximum 300 words)(Please write down the main academic sources written in this study area.

How to apply for turkey government scholarship 2023-2024 ?

The applications for Turkey Scholarship are invited online every year before February 20th 2023. You can apply online through the Turkish Scholarships online application system. When you are about to apply for your Turkish Scholarship program, prepare the all-important documents that you need to submit. The applicant should provide all the requirements accurately.

You must fill in all the required data. You should read the instruction before you start providing your information. The last date for Turkey scholarship submission is February 20 each year. You better submit your application before the deadline. Remember; applying for the Turkish scholarship program is free. You are not supposed to pay any fee for it.

You do not need to apply to university. By selecting the University in your Scholarship application, the Turkey Burslarie will do the admission and registration for you.


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