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How to apply for 1000 Germany Humanitarian Visa in Afghanistan?

1000 Germany Humanitarian Visa for Afghans In this article, we are going to tell you exactly “How to Apply for Germany 1000 humanitarian program for Afghans monthly” Recently, the German government announced that they are supposed to support 1000 at-risk Afghans to migrate and evacuate to Germany on a monthly basis. The main point is […]

Italian Humanitarian Visa for 1200 Vulnerable Afghans

About Humanitarian Corridor of Italy Italian Government wants to work with church organizations to evacuate 1,200 Afghan to Italy through humanitarian corridor that have provided initial asylum or countries of transit, over the course of two years, with the possibility of extending the period to 36 months and this humanitarian corridor will open till November 2023. […]

Australian Refugee and Humanitarian Visa for Afghan Nationals

About Refugee and Humanitarian Visas (subclasses 200-204) The Australian government provides humanitarian resettlement under the Refugee and Special Humanitarian Program and there are two categories of visas under the offshore resettlement programme: The Refugee Program is for persons who are outside their home country and have a well founded fear of persecution should they return […]

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Canada Humanitarian Program for Vulnerable Afghan Nationals

About Canada Programs for Afghans: Canada Humanitarian Program for Vulnerable Afghan Nationals is under the Canadian government in 2023 which is committed to welcoming Afghan refugees to Canada. According to the migration plan, we will resettle at least 40,000 Afghan refugees annually until 2025. We will do this through a number of programs and special […]

Best way to immigrate to Germany – Apprenticeship program

About Apprenticeship : Germany is the largest economy in Europe that introduces different methods of immigrants to reduce the labor shortage. The apprenticeship method is one of legal immigration allows young people of non-EU citizens who are at least 18 years old to immigrate to Germany under very simple conditions and obtain permanent residency. What […]

Sweden grants asylum to Afghan women

About asylum in Sweden: The Swedish Migration Agency is aware Sweden Asylum for Afghan women that life as a woman in Afghanistan is now so difficult that it counts as gender-based harassment. For this reason, Afghan women and girls who seek protection in Sweden are accepted as refugees and given residence permits. The critical women’s […]

Switzerland humanitarian visa for vulnerable Afghans

Information about humanitarian visa: Swiss humanitarian visa for vulnerable Afghans are issued by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). To qualify for a Swiss humanitarian visa, a person’s physical life must be directly, seriously, and materially at risk. The connection to Switzerland is an important factor. The application must be submitted in person at the […]

Brazilian humanitarian visa for vulnerable Afghan Citizens

About Humanitarian Visa: Brazil humanitarian visa for vulnerable Afghan Citizens grants humanitarian visas or permanent residence for Afghans who impacts under the insecure situation of the country or imminent institutional instability, serious violation of human rights or international humanitarian law in Afghanistan according to the interministerial order number 24, dated September 3, 2021. This visa […]

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Humanitarian Federal Admission Programme for Afghanistan

About Humanitarian Federal Admission Program for Afghanistan: Germany humanitarian admission program for Afghans at risk which will cover 1000 people (family members already included) per month which starts from October 2022 to 2025. Since the Taliban took power, many Afghans have threatened and persecuted due to, their efforts to promote democracy and human rights, cooperation […]

55000 US Diversity Visa Program (DV-2024)

The 55000 US Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV-2024)

55000 US Diversity Visa Program (DV-2024) Description of Opportunity 55000 US Diversity Visa Program (DV-2024). If you ever want to live, get education or do your business in the USA, you can apply for the DV Program 2024 starting from October 6, 2022, to get American green card. The United States Government grants 55,000 permanent […]