About CSC fully funded scholarship:

CSC fully funded scholarships in 2023 offered to international students for undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. studies at more than 280 Chinese Universities every year. The CSC Chinese Government Scholarships is considered one of the best scholarships in China because it covers accommodation, basic health insurance, and a monthly allowance of up to 3500 Yuan. The Chinese government has provided these scholarship programs to support international students, teachers, and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities and promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation, and mutual understanding between other countries and China.

CSC Scholarships Categories:

The Chinese government scholarship includes three types of scholarships: A, B, and C. These scholarships offer the following benefits to the scholarship recipient:

Scholarship Type A : Covers registration fees, accommodation (in university accommodation sharing a room with another person), basic health insurance, and a monthly allowance for personal expenses (between 2,500 and 3,500 Yuan per month, equivalent to $392 and $549).
Scholarship Type B : It is like scholarship type A, but it does not give the student a monthly allowance for personal expenses.
Type C Scholarship: Another type of partial scholarship with low benefits.

CSC Chinese Government Scholarships Coverage

  1. Tuition fees.
  2. Free university dormitory.
  3. Stipend:
    • Undergraduates: CNY 2,500 per month.
    • Master’s students: CNY 3,000 per month.
    • Doctoral students: CNY 3,500 per month.
  4. medical insurance:
    •  CNY 800 for each person per year.
    •  CNY 400 for each person

Eligibility Requirements of CSC Scholarship 2023

  • Having non-Chinese citizenship
  • Good health status
  • Having a language certificate of HSK test (level 3) for the undergraduate and graduate degree
  • Having a language certificate of HSK test (level 4) for a doctoral degree
  • Undergraduate student’s age limit is 25 years old
  •  master’s degree age limit is 35 years
  •  Ph.D. degree, the age limit is 40 years
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent for undergraduate students,
  • Bachelor’s Degree for the master’s degree
  • Master’s degree for the doctoral degree

Required Documents for CSC Scholarships 2023

  1.  Passport Copy
  2. Academic transcripts
  3. CV (English, Chinese)
  4. Admission documents
  5.  motivation letter (At least200 words For undergraduate students, 500 words For students without a degree, and 800 words for Masters )
  6. two recommendations letter
  7. A valid Certificate of Non-Criminal Record.
  8. Certificate of language proficiency (HSK score report)

CSC Chinese Government Scholarships Application Period:

The application period for the CSC Chinese Government Scholarships 2023 is generally from January to April each year. Some agencies or universities have different deadlines. You should check the deadlines of your desired universities. The Chinese government scholarship results will be announced in July.

How to Apply for CSC Scholarship 2023?

  • Applications for the CSC Chinese Government Scholarships 2023 must first be made online (in English or Chinese).
  • Choosing the type of scholarship and entering the code (this code will be given to you based on the organization you have chosen to receive the scholarship)
  • After completing all the information for the Chinese Government Scholarship, you need to attach the required documents in PDF format.
  • Then you have to choose your university and language of study.
  • Check if the university uses an online system to receive scholarships.
  • Send the set of documents requested by the university to the address of the university.
  • The results will be made public on the same page of the application as of mid-July.

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