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1000 Germany Humanitarian Visa for Afghans

In this article, we are going to tell you exactly “How to Apply for Germany 1000 humanitarian program for Afghans monthly”

Recently, the German government announced that they are supposed to support 1000 at-risk Afghans to migrate and evacuate to Germany on a monthly basis. The main point is that Afghans can not apply themselves. however, they should approach the organizations that Germany has selected. So, we want to state that there is some Reputable organizations where you can easily fill out a form and submit your application online. instead, you should find a reach to one of the organizations that Germany has introduced as an agent. They will check the criteria on how How vulnerable are you? and will redirect you to the German government.

Who can apply for this Humanitarian Visa ?

  • The main applicant must be an Afghan citizen
  • The main applicant must be in Afghanistan.
  • The main applicant must belong to at least one of these risk groups:
    • Persons at risk related to their job or activity
    • Persons at risk related to either their female gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, or
      religious beliefs.
  • The main applicant should be the person in your family who is most targeted, especially where
    evidence is available.
  • The main applicant can add core family members (husband / wife or same-sex partners; children
    below the age of 18) and other family members who are dependent on the main applicant or share
    risk with the main applicant. Family members in a safe country should not be added.

Read about : Humanitarian Federal Admission Programme For Afghanistan

Important to read before entering your data for humanitarian program

  • Each main applicant may only register his or her application once and cannot modify the
    application after it is submitted. It is not possible to submit multiple applications through different
  • Use the guidance to prepare your application and enter data correctly and completely.
  • Prepare documents and statements according to the instructions. If you are awaiting
    important documents, wait until you receive them before submitting your application.

What should be prepared for application form online?

Your application is structured around four sections:

  1. Questionnaire section: questions about the main applicant and their risk
  2. Written statement: describing the main applicant and their risk
  3. Evidence section: evidence about the main applicant and their risk
  4. Family members section: statement and evidence

List of Civil Society Organizations accepted by Germany

Up to now, there are 6 civil society organizations that Germany has introduced for at-risk Afghans to approach:

  1. Kabul Luft Bruecke
  2. Mission Lifeline
  3. RSF Assistance 
  4. GIZ
  5. IOM
  6. PatensChaftsnetswerk

Check the links above to see and familiarize yourself with the application criteria of all Organizations.

Tips about Germany Humanitarian Program for Afghans

These Six organizations have declared that they are not responsible for the acceptance and rejection of any application, Organizations only have the responsibility to check, organize, pack, and then check the eligibility criteria & then send the application form to the German Government accordingly. There is another independent committee in Germany that will unpack all the documents, check for eligibility, and then email the applicant according to that.

We want to state that in this article we are not going to familiarize you with the application system

Steps to submit your application via Kabul Luftbruecke

1. Open the application form and read the questions. Prepare your application and all supporting documents offline.
2. Read the guidance to prepare your application. If possible, print the guidance sheet.
3. Once your application is prepared, open the questionnaire and enter your application. You will need more than 1 hour and a stable internet connection. Fill the questionnaire on a laptop, computer or tablet if possible; if not you can do it from a phone.
4. Once your case is submitted, you will receive a Kabul Luftbruecke application number. Keep a record of your application number.

How to apply to 1000 Germany Humanitarian Visa ?

For now, if you think you are eligible and you deserve an acceptance, begin packing and organizing your required documents and evidence for your application via Kabul Luftbruecke.

Apply Now!

For more information please, visit the Official Website of Kabul Luftbruecke

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