About Humanitarian Corridor of Italy

Italian Government wants to work with church organizations to evacuate 1,200 Afghan to Italy through humanitarian corridorĀ that have provided initial asylum or countries of transit, over the course of two years, with the possibility of extending the period to 36 months and this humanitarian corridor will open till November 2023.

A new protocol of agreement has been signed in Italy for the arrival through humanitarian corridors of 1,200 Afghans who need international protection.

The objective of the agreement is to open legal pathways for Afghan citizens coming from Pakistan, Iran and other countries and priority is given to vulnerable women and children who have already been identified and may be selected in the future.

A total of 1,200 Afghans who need international protection will arrive in Italy through humanitarian corridors under a protocol of agreement.

How work this Humanitarian Corridors?

The Italian government, UNHCR, IOM, Sant’Egidio Church and Caritas involve in these humanitarian corridors.

You can register yourself through Protestant churches will host 200 people, Catholic charity Caritas another 300, S. Egidio 200, Arci 100, and the Ministry of the Interior will host 400 people and pay for flights.

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