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if you want to live and Work in New Zealand | Make for Yourself Second Home. New Zealand’s government is newly announcing a top opportunity for the middle east countries including Afghanistan, Syria and Africa.

The Government is stand on its promise of a responsive and streamlined immigration system to assist relieve workforce shortages while facilitating meaningful humanitarian help.

“The Straight to Residence pathway provides an incentive for migrants who have skills in hard-to-fill, nationally significant roles that New Zealand needs to speed up our economic growth,” Michael Wood said.

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“This new pathway offers potential migrants, like health practitioners, engineers, construction and infrastructure workers, and IT professionals more certainty. The streamlined process makes it easier for employers to attract and hire people that will help address shortages in these highly skilled areas.

“This is one of three new residence pathways introduced as part of the Government’s immigration rebalance. Skilled migrants on the ‘Work to Residence’ and ‘Highly Paid’ resident pathways will be able to apply from 29 September 2023, once they have obtained 24 months of acceptable work in New Zealand,” Michael Wood said.

The Government has also confirmed information of the next three years of the Refugee Quota Program, including the composition of the 2022/23 quota.

“The Refugee Quota Program is a reflection of New Zealand’s worldwide humanitarian commitments to provide protection to people who are not able to return safely to their home country,” Michael Wood said.

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“The program is back at its full capacity and will resettle 1,500 refugees each year.

“This year, the proportion of places allocated to three of the four regions is changing to ensure we are best responding to the resettlement needs of each region. For example, we have increased the proportion of places allocated to refugees in both the Middle East and Africa from 15 to 20 percent respectively.

“As part of the 1,500 intake, 200 places will be allocated to resettle Syrian refugees, including Kurdish minorities, located in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, given the huge scale and prolonged nature of the Syrian refugee crisis and the coordinated international resettlement efforts.

“We are also pleased to be able to increase the number of emergency and urgent resettlement places for the quota from 35 to 100, as well as bringing forward the 200 places specifically set aside for Afghan refugees as a result of the Taliban takeover in 2021 to 200 places for the 2022/23 period.

“In addition to these places, Afghan refugees can be considered for resettlement to New Zealand as part of the Quota’s international allocations.

“These changes ensure that the program remains responsive to the protection needs of refugees coming into New Zealand,” Michael Wood said.

for further information about this opportunity visit the official website of New Zealand immigration programs: Green List and highly paid skilled residence categories | Immigration New Zealand.

Brief details:

  • Deadline: 29 September 2023
  • Country: New Zealand
  • Provider: Government of New Zealand
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Value: Fully funded
  • Eligible Countries: The Middle East, including Afghanistan, Africa, and Syria
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Language Required: English


  • Construction Project Manager
  •  Chemical Engineer
  •  Civil Engineering Technician
  • Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Production or Plant Engineer
  • Structural Engineer Engineering Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)
  • Project Builder
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Surveyor
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • Telecommunications Network Engineers
  • General Practitioner
  • Anesthetist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Specialist Physicians Not Elsewhere Classified Surgeons (Including General Surgeons
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon Neurosurgeon
  • Orthopedic Surgeon Otorhinolaryngologist
  • Urologist and Vascular Surgeon)
  • Other Medical Practitioners (Including Dermatologist Obstetrician and Gynecologist Ophthalmologist Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist and Radiation Oncologist)
  • Resident Medical Officer
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Clinical Psychologists & Psychologists Physicist (Medical)
  • Orthoptist
  • Veterinarian
  • Software Engineer ($120,000)
  • ICT Security Specialist ($120,000)
  • Multimedia Specialists ($95,000)
  • Another Spatial Scientist
  • Environmental Research Scientist
  • Food Technologist
  • ICT Managers ($120,000)

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant age must be 55 or younger
  • Applicants and all their dependents should meet the English language requirements
  • Applicants and all their dependents should meet the host country’s health and character requirements for residence
  • Applicant must be skilled in one of the fields mentioned above
  • Must be a migrant or refugee
  • Be citizens of Middle East countries, including Syria, or from Africa, and Afghanistan

If you apply for a Straight to Residence Visa:

  • Your role must be on Tier 1 of the Green List
  • You must meet the eligibility requirements set for your position. Find the details here.
  • You must be a full-time (30 hours a week) employee, a permanent, or at least a 12-month fixed contractor. You can read the contracting and eligibility criteria for the Straight to Residence pathway here.

If you are eligible you can apply for the visa now. You can either come to New Zealand on a work visa and apply, or apply from outside of New Zealand.

Information about applying for the Straight to Residence Visa

For more information about the Applying process and applying, click here

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