Sweden grants asylum to Afghan women

About asylum in Sweden:

The Swedish Migration Agency is aware Sweden Asylum for Afghan women that life as a woman in Afghanistan is now so difficult that it counts as gender-based harassment. For this reason, Afghan women and girls who seek protection in Sweden are accepted as refugees and given residence permits.

The critical women’s situation in Afghanistan for Afghan Female

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the situation of women has gradually worsened. Recently, more laws have been introduced that restrict women’s rights and freedom. It is now very difficult for Afghan women and girls to get an education, earn a living, care or support violence, they can be persecuted based on their gender. A person at risk of gender-based persecution has the right to a residence permit as a refugee. “Being a woman from Afghanistan is in itself considered to be a sufficient basis for obtaining protection in Sweden,” says Carl Bexelius, Director of Legal Affairs at the Swedish Migration Agency.

On addition, the Swedish Migration Agency has been monitoring developments in Afghanistan for a long time, and last year, 89 percent of Afghan women who applied for asylum in Sweden were granted residency. But now the Swedish Migration Agency assesses that the situation of women in Afghanistan has become so difficult that all refugee women and girls should be granted refugee status, which requires a three-year residence permit.

Women’s rights have been further restricted for Afghan Women

Recently, women’s rights and freedom of movement have been further restricted. Among other things, women are now excluded from studying a range of subjects at state universities and from visiting parks, gyms and public bathhouses. In mid-November, the supreme leader of the Afghanistan’s Taliban movement also called for the country’s judges to fully apply Sharia law.

“Women’s and girls’ freedom of movement and other rights have been significantly restricted in Afghanistan, and the situation has recently grown even worse. Today, we see a significant impact on their ability to support themselves, access care and education, and seek protection from violence,” says Carl Bexelius.

Who are eligible for Sweden Asylum?

  • the situation for girls and women is so difficult that they risk persecution solely on the basis of gender and will be granted refugee status when they apply for asylum in Sweden
  • the country now has more risk groups that include more people, compared to before the Taliban took power. The groups that may be in need of protection include people who have held key positions in, e.g., the military or the police, LGBTQI people, people who work for foreign governments or are perceived to support them, religious leaders or converts, journalists and human rights defenders
  • there is no effective protection to be obtained from the country’s authorities and internal displacement is only an option in exceptional cases
  • due to the new situation in the country, people who have already received a deportation decision will be able to have their grounds for asylum re-examined.

How to apply for Sweden Asylum?

If you want to apply for asylum in Sweden you need to go to the Migration Agency to hand in your application. It is not possible to apply for asylum before you get to Sweden but Wait for the publication of the “Country Guide for Afghanistan” by Sweden, where the application instructions will be explained.

You can also apply on – Sweden Scholarships Program 2023-24 – Here

If you have any questions or don’t know how to apply for Sweden asylum, please you can leave it in the comment box. we will response you as soon as passible.

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