TDF Imam Hatip high school scholarships for international student in 2023

Opportunity Descriptions:

Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDF) offers international high school scholarships for intermediate/secondary school students from 111 countries including Afghanistan for 2023. TDF offers a great educational opportunity for high students to study at Imam Hatip High School.

Imam Hatip Turkish High School is an official middle and high school education institution in Turkey. And its purpose and scope is the training and graduation of Islamic education and human resources in the field. It’s worth mentioning that the enrollment rate in Imam Hatip high schools has increased significantly since 2001 and the demand for enrollment in Imam Hatip high schools grows significantly. Imam Hatip schools include 8 academic years, 4 years of elementary school and 5 years it is formed by Imam Hatip secondary school.

Regarding the programs and curricula of Imam Hatip schools, they depend on the curriculum of religious education such as Quran, Fiqh and Hadith, and sciences such as history, math, chemistry, geography, etc.

Brief Details:

  • Organized by: Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDF)
  • Host Institution: Imam Khatip High School
  • Number of Scholarships: N/A
  • Application Period: 15 January – 28 February 2023
  • Application Evaluation: 01-25 March 2023
  • Interview Process: 20 March-31 May 2023
  • Interview Evaluation: 01-15 June 2023
  • Result Announcement: 15 June 2023
  • Location: Turkey
  • Level of Study: High School

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Benefits of Imam Hatip High School:

  • health insurance
  • Free of charge school uniform and textbooks
  • Summer and Winter Camps
  • Computer Lab
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  • Free of charge WIFI
  • Visits to historical places and various cities
  • Three times meal
  • Canteen
  • Lounge
  • 24 hours providing hot water
  • Special Quran Courses
  • Graduate of Imam Hatip schools can join the colleges they want according to their degrees.
  • Additionally, schools of imams follow the policy of non-mixing, as there are separate schools for female and male students.

Eligibility Criteria of Imam hatip high school scholarships:

  • Be a citizen of any country except Turkey
  • To be single
  • Not complete primary education in Turkey
  • Not having repeated or suspended from the school more than two years
  • To be graduate from secondary or intermediate school equivalent to grade 8 in turkey with a good degree at least(79%).
  • Families of the student must not live or not be refugee in Turkey.
  • To be mentally and physically healthy (health card)

Required Documents Imam hatip high school scholarships:

  • Secondary education transcript indicating that the student has completed the school with a good degree.
  • Identity card / Passport
  • An official health report
  • 6 passport photographs (4.5 x6 cm in size),
  • Study permit from a Turkish Foreign Mission,
  • Parental or guardian consent for the applicant to study in Turkey.
  • Education valid visa

Application Procedure:

After you complete the application form, if your application has been approved you will be notified with a confirmation email. Unapproved applicants may not receive notification. After preliminary selection, an interview and exam committee will be appointed to perform the task. Certainly accepted candidates will be notified to the security units for a security investigation. After this stage, each candidate will be informed about beginning date of the academic year and the place where he or she will get education.

Applicants will receive face-to-face interview invitations in their respective countries, and the interview panel will evaluate the candidates according to the following areas:

  • Visual Aptitude Test
  • Ability to read the Holy Quran
  • Basic Islamic knowledge
  • General Knowledge
  • Behavioral observation
  • Expression of yourself
  • Special skills
  • Language skills

How to Apply for TDF Scholarships ?

Students can apply for TDF Imam Hatip high school scholarships for international student in 2023 via the Turkish Scholarship Website. Applicants are not acceptable via Email or post.

Apply Now!

For more information about the Scholarship, please visit the Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDF) website or read the scholarships guidelines.

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